New budget approves an increase in salaries of govt employees

Lahore, 4th June: The 2021 budget proposed a 10-15% increase in the salaries of government employees.

According to a document received, in the next budget, it has been proposed not to impose any tax on the salaried class, while an additional Rs 47 billion is likely to be set aside for a salary increase.

An additional Rs 95 billion is being considered for salaries and pensions and Rs 47.7 billion is likely to be allocated for pension increase while the budget for pensions is likely to be more than Rs 527 billion.

According to the document, next year, Rs 3,105 billion will be spent on interest on loans, Rs 501 billion on subsidies and Rs 994 billion on grants.

On the other hand, it is proposed to set aside Rs 1330 billion for defense services.

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