New Israeli administration carries out fresh bombing in Gaza and widespread arrests of Palestinian protesters

June 16, 2021 BaaghiTV: According to the New York Times, the Israeli army had said earlier on Wednesday that it had carried out air strikes in the Gaza Strip. Israel has claimed that the attack was carried out after the Palestinians released rockets.

According to Palestinian officials, the attack took place in Khan Younis. The Palestinian News Agency reported that a strike damaged property, but there were no immediate reports of casualties in the densely populated Gaza Strip.

The day of rising tensions was the first test of the new Israeli government’s three-day tenure. It began when the government allowed Yemen to pass through the Palestinian territories of Jerusalem, despite objections from Arab and left-wing parties in the coalition and threats from Hamas, and despite Hamas threats to retaliate.

The march was a small version of a large right-wing procession that began last month, in which Hamas justified firing rockets at Jerusalem on May 10, citing militants and Israel. Had launched the latest air war between the two countries. The new government is under pressure from Mr Bennett and his Yamina party, and externally from former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party. Some coalition members insisted that stopping the march would lead to Hamas threats

“Israel cannot be held hostage by any terrorist organization,” Amos Yadlin, a former head of Israeli military intelligence, said in a radio interview on Tuesday. He has to show that he did not live here. “

For many members of the right-wing coalition, including Mr. Bennett, the flag march is a matter of national pride: a celebration of their democratic right to pass through these areas of Israeli-occupied Jerusalem during the 1967 Arab-Israeli war, which Israel now Considers part of its distributed capital. Every year, thousands of marchers are seen waving Israeli flags as they march toward the Western Wall, a Jewish holy site. But it was called off in May due to rocket fire from Gaza.

It should be noted that hundreds of extremist Jewish settlers had rallied in occupied Jerusalem yesterday. A large contingent of Israeli forces was deployed to protect the rally. Six Palestinians protesting against the rally were arrested while dozens more were arrested. Israeli forces use rubber bullets and stun grenades against Palestinians.

Meanwhile, according to the details, the Palestinians protested against the rally held under the security of the Israeli forces, the Israeli rally and the protest of the Palestinians, Jerusalem became the battlefield. Israeli forces shelled protesting Palestinians and arrested several Palestinian youths. It should be noted that the new Israeli government had allowed right-wing nationalists to march in occupied Jerusalem in favor of illegal Israeli settlements.

Earlier, the Netanyahu government postponed the rally last week due to opposition and backlash from Hamas. The situation has already deteriorated due to rallies in favor of illegal Israeli settlements. It should be noted that 260 Palestinians were killed in Israeli attacks last month, while 13 Israelis were also killed.

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