Woman of Pakistani origin nominated to head US Federal Trade Commission

June 16, 2021:US President Joe Biden has nominated American-Pakistani Lena Khan to head the Federal Trade Commission.

BaaghiTV: The US Senate had today approved the appointment of Lena Khan as the FTC commissioner. Lena Khan was approved as the FTC commissioner by 639 votes to 28. As commissioner, Lena Khan will oversee trade regulations in Silicon Valley. Lena Khan, 32, was born in London and moved to the United States with her parents when she was 11 years old. Lena Khan graduated from Yale Law School in 2017. She recently married Shah Ali, a cardiologist from Texas.

Lena Khan is an associate professor of law at Columbia University in New York, where she discusses monopoly control laws (antitrust law), industrial infrastructure law, and monopoly prevention traditions. Teaches and writes research papers. His dissertation on antitrust laws has been widely acclaimed and has received numerous awards. The research has been published in the Yale Law Journal, Harvard Law Review, Columbia Law Review and the University of Chicago Law Review.

Lena Khan has previously served as an advocate for the Anti-Trust Law, Commercial and Administrative Law subcommittee of the House Judicial Committee of the US Congress, where she helped guide the subcommittee’s investigation into digital markets. Prof. Lena Khan has also been a Legal Adviser in the office of Commissioner Rohit Chopra in the Federal Trade Commission and Legal Director in the Open Markets Institute.

In addition, Lena Khan has been named one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential Leaders by Time magazine. Her greatest service has been her role in challenging the monopolies of these major technology companies in today’s digital world.

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