New law on social media control passed in Turkey

ANKARA: Turkey’s parliament has reportedly passed a new bill on social media surveillance. The bill gives the Turkish government control over social media.

According to details, the Turkish parliament passed a bill regarding the monitoring of social media. Under which Turkish government agencies will monitor social media.

Under the new law, major social media companies such as Facebook and Twitter will be required to open offices in Turkey. Under the new law, social media companies will be required to appoint their own representatives to whom complaints regarding social media content can be lodged.

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According to the law, if the social media companies do not do so, the company can be fined, while the bandwidth will be reduced in addition to blocking advertising.

The bill states that representatives of social media organizations will be required to act on any complaint or objection within 48 hours or state reasons. Similarly, if a social media company does not delete the required content from its platform within 24 hours, the company will be held responsible for the damages caused.

The news agency says that social media companies will have to abide by the orders of the Turkish court on specific content, while violating the court order will result in heavy fines being imposed on social media companies.

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