New Nazimabad submerged in water for days, citizen threatened for speaking up

According to Baaghi TV reports, Sarem, a resident of New Nazimabad, Karachi, has said that rainwater could not be drained in the area for 15 days. This area has become a no-go area, I am being threatened to raise my voice. A thousand houses are submerged, civilians are in trouble, but rescue teams are not allowed here. Government should take notice.

In a video message, Sarem said, “I am a resident of New Nazimabad. It has been full of water for 15 days. Water is not coming out. Edhi people and NDMA officials are not being allowed to enter. They are extracting water from an eight-inch pipe, not bringing proper machinery. They tortured me when things were highlighted in the media. While I was making the footage, they charged at me with sticks, there is a force of 50 to 60 people. Now they are pressuring me that there is no water in your house, you stay back, there is water in people’s houses.”

Sarem added, “After death people have to be supported with shoulders but we carried the living on our shoulders and pulled them out of the water. People’s belongings were destroyed and on the other hand threats are being made by the government.”

“It was said that will you fight Arif Habib? We can’t even raise our voices here. This lake was full, it rained here and became a lake again. Not a strange thing happened here, a house here is worth 12 million rupees, and now they are bullying, what is the problem with you? Who should I go to here?”, continued Sarem.

“The SHO is their own, they don’t allow the police to enter, do they have to fetch water in a year? How much water did they draw in 15 days? There is still a pool of water. Boats are running in this water. How will they draw water? I am being threatened. People are dying, no one cares, no rescue team has come here, I am being threatened for being the voice of the people.”

“Should I sit still now? That’s more than 500 million gallons of water. These people are not giving entry to media or to anyone. Why Sindh government is not going? Machinery is being used in Defense, so why not here? A thousand houses have been submerged, why the government is not coming? People are going for jobs, people are taking homes on installments, food is being given to them by Edhi officials. Arif Habib has said that we will not pay any loss”, said Sarem.

“If I am harmed, Arif Habib is responsible for it, he is standing outside the admin office. My videos have been made, my life is in danger, local bodies, Edhi people are not being allowed inside”, he added.

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