New Polio Case in Balochistan takes Tally to 16 for this Year


QUETTA, August 10 (Online Int’l): A new case of polio has emerged in union council Mianghundi, district Quetta, Balochistan.

The number of cases has reached 16 this year. According to the department of health, a 20 months child has been tested positive in union council Mianghundi in the area of Chaltan town in the countryside of Quetta. The blood samples of the child were taken on 25th  and 26th July. Both of the lower body parts got paralyzed. He got no vaccination because his parents were against vaccination.The family are poor.

Polio cases are increasing and even though the polio campaign is ongoing in Balochistan, the polio cases reached 16 in this year.

It is important to know that  in comparison with 8 cases in 2017 and 12 in 2018, 147 cases had been reported in 2019 whereas this year up till now 64 cases have been reported.

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