New York World’s 2nd Best City: Resonance Consultancy

NEW YORK, Nov 2 (Xinhua/APP): New York City has been ranked the second best city in the world out of 100 in a new report released this week. Resonance Consultancy, a global consultancy company, announced the world’s 100 top-performing cities in its annual World’s Best Cities Report.

“Even after the year we’ve endured, NYC is still considered one of the best cities in the world. Why? Because of YOU”, tweeted Mayor Bill de Blasio on Sunday, with a relevant article on attached. “New Yorkers stand at the ready, together and alone, on their stoops and balconies ready to defend their city,” he quoted the Resonance report as saying.

New York City was beat out by London, which took the first place spot as the best city in the world for the sixth year in a row. While New York City was the epicentre during the coronavirus (COVID19) pandemic, it’s still number two on the list.

That’s because New York is a gathering place where “brains and bodies in indecent proximity to one another create the sparks of genius, invention, progress”, the report stated. “However the world emerges, evolves or pivots out of our collective force majeure, it will happen here first. New York is, after all, #1 or thereabouts”, according to the report.

The company’s rankings quantify and benchmark the relative quality of place, reputation, and competitive identity for the world’s principal cities with metropolitan populations of one million or more.

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