Next 10 days are crucial for India

Leading anchor Mubasher Lucman predicts the next 10 days are critical for India

Lahore, 26th June: Indian PM Narendra Modi is an extremist, cruel, and a stubborn person. His RSS ideology is evident and clear on everyone now.

Indian Muslims and minorities have been living in an adverse state and under the fear. India has been dreaming and planning to build greater India and for this reason, has been fidgeting with its neighboring countries. Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, and China all are facing tense relations with India.

In today’s video on Mubasher Lucman Official YouTube Channel, the renowned anchor unveils the actual face of the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which is now evident to the whole world.

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Mubasher Lucman clearly stated that the movement of Khalistan is catching fire and soon a separation movement will be in full swing and the Kashmir Independence movement is in its final stage.


India has been building roads, ammunition depots, airstrips, and bases in Ladakh and its intentions were to make route and try to establish a strong base to attack Pakistan and Azad Kashmir but China’s timely intervention in Ladakh took away that advantageous high ground to India.

They no longer can access Sai-chan directly for supplies and connection with occupied Kashmir is also affected.

Indian Ex-army chiefs have been boosting the Indian capability to fight on dual borders but China has exposed the Indian preparation and capability.

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45 Years back China had a war with India and beaten them thoroughly then and now again bamboozled India with the speed with which in one day they moved their army, tanks, ammunition, and military supply over 3500 Km.

Lucman points out that under the pact both the armies were not supposed to carry weapons and the Indian Army has been beaten comprehensively by the Chinese force.

India has denied any losses nor did they accept the capturing of its military officials. Only after Chinese forces released on media the news about the capturing of Indian army officers, the Indian soldiers were left with no choice but to accept that they suffered casualties and their soldiers were captured.

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India has been trying to convince China to accept Indian right on one-third of Ladakh which China has categorically denied any such acceptance.

International politics is changing, the friends and associations are also changing. China’s world dominance is a fact.

India is on the verge of a breakup, its army is divided, and also the religious divide is at its peak.

Mubasher Lucman ended his video saying that let us all see how things develop in the next seven to ten days.

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