Next time we might see Shahid Afridi in a classroom!


Lahore, 23rd March, 2:30, PM: Pakistani cricket star Shahid Afridi just announced that he will be pursuing his higher studies soon.

Baaghi TV: According to reports, Shahid Afridi, popularly called ‘Lala’ by Pakistanis is taking his passion for education to another level.

Former Cricket Captain has announced that he will be enrolling in a local university to study further.

While delivering a speech on March 22 at a brand ambassador ceremony to faculty and students at the Salim Habib University in Karachi, the cricketer made the announcement.

According to reports, Afridi has been named the brand ambassador for Salim Habib University which was formerly known as the Barrett Hodgson University.

As per reports from Dawn News, the university is run by a foundation established by Dr M S Habib, creator and founder of pharmaceutical company Barrett Hodgson Pakistan.

Afridi said, “I’ve taken admission here. I’d never seen a university before coming here. Cricket was my whole life. I’ve taken admission here and I will study with you all, which is really a matter of pride for me.”

For that, he definitely has to pass the admission test first. The cricketer informed that Iram Afaq who is the managing director of the Salim Habib Education Foundation, only admits people on merit.

During his speech, Afridi spoke of the importance of educating girls first and foremost, which he and the Shahid Afridi Foundation especially aim at.

It is to be noted that the cricketer attended the ceremony with his daughters.

It would be interesting to see if the cricket legend was serious about pursuing studies further and hence, set an example for others to follow.

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