Nighat Daad: Pak Govt. Cancels Agreement

Nighat Daad ‘s NGO will not be funded by the Government of Pakistan; the contract was canceled after finding out about anti-Pakistan foreign funding.

According to reports, the government of Pakistan has canceled the contract with the NGO run by the lawyer and activist, the Digital Rights Foundation (DRF). In this regard, the Ministry of Economic Affairs has issued a notification to cancel the agreement.

The notification said:

“The agreement was canceled on return of DRF NGO security clearance, it would have to re-apply for foreign funded projects as per the policy.”

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The Home Ministry had received a complaint against the activist run NGO. Nighat Daad was accused of taking foreign funding from anti-Pakistan organizations. After receiving the complaint, the Home Ministry had started an inquiry against DRF.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, in a government bureau meeting was cited as saying during the gathering that he had additionally gotten reports against the NGOs being run on foreign financing and promoting foreign culture.

As per sources, the bureau was educated that there were a few NGOs working in Pakistan that are working without enlistment and are getting foreign funding. It was stated:

“Such NGOs are advancing in their agendas.” 

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