‘Nightclub’ set to open in Jeddah for the first time.

A Dubai based ‘Night-Club’ is set to open a branch in Jeddah city in KSA this week for the first time.

According to reports of Baaghitv, a ‘Dubai-based nightclub’ is set to open in Jeddah city in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia this week. Serge Trad, Regional Communications Manager at Addmind Hospitality Group, the company that owns the brand, told media. This has sparked hot debates in the country as people opposed to this initiative are furious on this development. Jeddah city is close to Mecca, which is why conservatives are angry on this development while reformers are jubilant on this decision as they believe the country needs these sorts of entertainment in this country.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia who is known all over the globe for being a conservative country and the ‘holiest country’ for Muslims, as Muslims frequently visit to this country for pilgrimage, however, there is witnessed a reforming trend in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as De facto head of state, Crowned Prince Muhammad Bin Salman, known in west as MBS, is opening the country to west. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is diverting its economy from oil to other means and tourism is considered the most important mean of earning revenue.

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