#NLEBarkatMarket Trends on Twitter as NLE Exams Become Mandatory

Lahore: Recently, the government made taking the National Licensing Exam (NLE) mandatory for all those wishing to practice medicine in Pakistan, and as such, MBBS students and doctors both have taken to both the streets and social media in protest, resulting in #NLEBarkatMarket trending on Twitter.

Students already have to go through rigorous and extremely competitive examinations for their MBBS and other medical requirements. Naturally, people are unhappy about the added pressure. People are stating that they reject any career-threatening steps.

Others are asking what’s the purpose of the preexisting 5 professional exams.

Students are seen protesting on the streets with huge banners.

Others are wondering what was the purpose of the lifelong effort and hard work.

Violence is being used against the protestors, with people questioning the Prime Minister why the Pakistan’s Medical Commission’s head is a lawyer. Where is the justice, people are asking.

The doctors’ safety is coming into question.

Others are stating how students are simply being robbed.

Lives are being ruined.

It is to be noted that the National Licensing Exam (NLE) has been made mandatory for all those who wish to practice medicine in Pakistan. There was a huge backlash regarding this news which resulted in students’ and doctors’ protesting. Consequently, the exam has been rescheduled to Sunday. Reports also state that the fee for the exam has also been subsidized.

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