No evidence of abduction found in Afghan envoy’s daughter incident

Lahore, 20th July: Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said that Pakistan conducted the investigation and found no evidence of abduction in the Afghan envoy’s daughter’s incident.

Sheikh Rashid revealed on Tuesday that no evidence of abduction has been found in the case of the Afghan ambassador‘s daughter that took place a couple of days back.

The interior minister said in a press conference, “According to our investigation, the incident involving the daughter of the Afghan ambassador is not a case of kidnapping.”

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He also said that Afghanistan should not have called back its envoy over a single case.

Sheikh Rashid added, “The government will fight the case of Afghan ambassador’s daughter, however, our investigation shows that this was not a kidnapping case.”

He revealed that the girl changed taxis four times and that there was no man in the taxi with her during the journey.

Sheikh Rashid hoped that the Afghan ambassador should become part of the investigation as the Afghan government had registered the case itself. He said that the Afghan ambassador should not have gone back and rather participated in the investigation.

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The Interior Minister informed that his ministry has handed over the footage of the case to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Meanwhile, it has also been found out that the envoy’s daughter was using the internet throughout her journey.

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It has also been revealed that the men accused of kidnapping are hard-working taxi drivers.

It is to be recalled that the reports of the Afghan ambassador’s daughter being allegedly abducted and tortured emerged on Saturday, following which Pakistan launched a thorough probe into the matter.

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