No place among developed nations without education: Fakhar Imam

MULTAN, Dec 6 (APP)::Kashmir Committee Chairman Syed Fakhar Imam has said no country can join the list of developed nations without education. Speaking at a seminar on education at a private college here on Friday, he said every country had its own education standard which could be compared with other countries.

He regretted that Pakistan could not achieve the required standard even after 72 years of its establishment and it was still unable to compete other countries.

Among the first 500 universities of the world, only one Pakistani varsity is included in the list, he regretted adding that we are at the last positions among 1,000 best universities of the world.

Comparing Pakistan and China education advancement, Fakhar Imam said that only 25,000 Pakistani students were studying in standard universities of foreign countries while two lakh Chinese were getting education in American varsities.

He said that in 1978, China was a poor country than Pakistan with 700 million Chinese living below the poverty line and by the dint of their hard work, they became prosperous. China is the second largest economy of the world now, added the Kashmir Committee chairman, adding that within the next seven or eight years, it would be world’s biggest economy.

Pakistan is seventh most populated country of the world but we are lagging behind in development, he deplored. He urged all citizens to contribute to progress of the country. Deputy Attorney General Mehar Khalil-ur-Rehman, chairman Overseas Pakistanis Commission, Shoaib Hashmi, chairman PHA, Ejaz Janjua and others also spoke.

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