No preferential treatment on Chinese flights: PIA

Lahore, 7th November: PIA Spokesperson on Saturday sent out a clarification on the innuendo being circulated from certain quarters that it has banned Pakistanis from travelling to China on its special flights.

Consequent to COVID-19 pandemic, PIA’s regular flight operations to China is suspended as quarantine regulations in China are very stringent. PIA only operates with special permissions granted to it, to carry a certain number of passengers on permissions obtained by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

A Chinese firm has also chartered a PIA plane for their citizens and have themselves obtained permissions to transport their nationals only, on Pakistan to China sector. Other nationalities including Pakistanis cannot go on that flight as quarantine regime for locals and foreigners are different in China. Hence the notion of neglecting our own citizens for commercial gain is untrue and uncalled for.

PIA is working very hard to resume a regular flight schedule to China. To facilitate Pakistani nationals who intend to travel to China, PIA offices in Beijing are in touch with the Pakistan Embassy to get requisite permissions for flights operation to Chengdu and elsewhere. PIA has already dedicated the aircraft for the said operations, which will commence as soon as permissions are granted.

PIA always steps up for national service and as part of our repatriation operations during COVID-19, the largest in this country’s history, transported thousands of Pakistani on this sector, he added.

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