Noor Mukadam’s case; Challan submitted to the Prosecution Department

Islamabad: Police submits challan to the Prosecution Department, claiming Zahir Jaffar as the one behind the murder of 27-year-old Noor Mukadam, daughter of a former Pakistani ambassador.

It is later expected to be taken to a session judge in the lower court. Mubasher Lucman, in a video posted on his official YouTube channel, issued the following statement on the matter, “The police have found Zahir Jaffar guilty of the cold-blooded murder of Noor Mukadam.”

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He continues, “It is beyond belief how money and power can blind you to the point of no repentance and living guilt-free.” He further informs the masses of the recent change in the Jaffars’ lawyer, now being Khawaja Haris.

“Khawaja Haris is the same lawyer who was appointed by the former Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif,” says Mubasher Lucman. He continues, “The IHC has issued a one-week notice for the accused police and the victim party to present evidence for the court to proceed further with the plea of bail presented by the Jaffar’s.”

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Lucman goes on to explain the major proceedings of the day and points out certain unusual acts. “In a court hearing, the alleged person is not taken to the court; however, Zahir Jaffar, the culprit, was brought to the court with his parents, Ismat Adamjee and Zakir Jaffar. While which, the father and son were tied in one pair of handcuff.”

However, as the video progresses he expresses his dissatisfaction with the protocol treatment given by the police of the jail, the culprits were staying at. He continues informing how Ismat Adamjee lost her temperament and hurled indecent insults at the reporters.

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“As a result, the police banned the entrance of the journalists in the courthouse, which is not even under their control”, states Mubasher Lucman. He later informs how a few reporters made it past the police since it was an open courthouse. However, the alleged himself claimed his right to privacy.

To this, the footage rolls to the question where Mubasher Lucman states there is no need for privacy for beastly criminals like Zahir (Jaffar). He later assumes by the family’s behaviour that they are not being treated as the criminals they are in the prison cells.

He states, “With the attitude, they have displayed in the courthouse and the behaviour they have had with each other after, supposedly, meeting after a very long time does not add up.”

Lucman states he will go to Islamabad to personally investigate if they have been meeting during the stay in their lock-ups. He also states there is a possibility that the official statements may not be entirely true so the masses may remain calm.

He also mentions how Zahid Gishkori, a crime reporter thinks that the justice system may not give Zahir Jaffar and his family the punishment they deserve. Although, he mentions, “I believe otherwise. People are praying for the departed soul’s justice.”

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Mubasher Lucman concluded the video by saying, “I went to Karachi and not a single person questioned me about anything else but if I think Noor Mukaddam will get the justice she deserves? Obviously, she is not here to see her offenders be put to punishment. However, I believe that justice will prevail, after all, a criminal’s place is only in a prison cell”.

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