Noor Mukadam’s murderer should be hanged, Mubasher Lucman

Lahore, 11th August: Pakistan’s renowned investigative journalist Mubasher Lucman has said that the beast who had brutally murdered Noor Mukadam last month at his residence should be hanged.

According to details, Mubasher Lucman has said that Noor Mukadam’s murderer Zahir Jaffer should be hanged for the heinous crime he attempted last month.

The anchorperson recently revealed in his video on Mubasher Lucman YouTube channel that Zahir Jaffer’s mother Asmat Zakir was reportedly in contact with a cyber company as per police records.

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According to further revelation, Zahir’s father Zakir Jaffer had contacted Therapy Works, the agency where Zahir was working as a therapist. Mubasher Lucman asked in his video why didn’t Zahir’s father call the police, why didn’t he tell his guards to save the girl?

Lucman reveals in his video that Zakir Jaffer called the therapy agency instead of calling the police after knowing that his son had committed a horrific crime. Either he had called tHerapy Works to dispose of the body of the victim or do something else. 

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Anchorperson said in his video that Zahir’s mother called the cybersecurity company during the time Noor Mukadam was kept hostage at their house, the same company which was responsible for securing CCTV cameras at their place.

Mubasher Lucman added that it has been found through initial investigations that Zahir Jaffer and his parents had not given the security code of the CCTV camera. They intended to delete all the videos from the footage and run away from their crime unnoticed.

However, Mubasher Lucman said that the beast should not be spared and all the accused involved should be punished immediately.

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Meanwhile, Baaghi TV reported a while back that a forensic report submitted to the police has revealed that the accused Zahir Jaffer had tortured and raped Noor Mukadam before killing her mercilessly.

Zahir Jaffer Tortured and Raped Noor Mukadam, Reveals Forensic Report

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