Noor Mukadam: Police ordered to stop VIP treatment to Zahir Jaffer in jail

Lahore, 6th August: Zahir Jaffer, the accused who murdered Noor Mukadam, the daughter of an ex-diplomat, is in solitary confinement, where police have been ordered to stop giving any VIP treatment to him.

According to details, Punjab Jail Minister Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan said on Thursday he had ordered prison authorities to stop any preferential treatment for Zahir Zakir Jaffer with “immediate effect.”

The Minister further informed that Zahir Jaffer, the key suspect in the gruesome murder of Noor Mukadam was being kept in solitary confinement at Rawalpindi’s Adiala Jail.

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The order came a day after Jaffer was taken to the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) when he complained of a headache. Soon after there was a huge outcry by the public and social media over special privilege for the wealthy, influential US national.

As per reports from Chohan Arab News, Chohan told on Thursday that Jaffer was being kept under a high-security cell in Adiala Jail in solitary confinement.

Chohan told the news outlet during a phone interview, “I’ve ordered the jail superintendent that no VIP treatment should be given to Zahir or his family and he should not even be allowed to meet his father who is in another barrack at the same jail.”

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He added that they are not in jail to celebrate birthday parties. He said that hospital visits, change of clothes and other special treatment will no longer be allowed to Zahir Jaffer or his family. zahir will have to eat the jail food from now on.

Meanwhile, Adiala Jail Superintendent Arshad Warraich confirmed the news saying that the prison had received these orders from Chohan. He also informed that ‘no one is allowed to see Zahir as he is being kept in a tightly-guarded solitary confinement cell.’

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It is noteworthy that on Wednesday afternoon, Zahir Jaffer was taken to PIMS hospital after he complained of a headache. Some sources informed that the murderer was receiving home-cooked food in jail daily. People have also noticed that before his court hearings, Zahir always appears bathed and in a fresh set of clothes.

Hence, social media users, journalists and activists condemned the special treatment given to Zahir Jaffer because he belonged to a wealthy family and an American national.

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it is pertinent to mention here that on July 20, Noor Mukadam, the daughter of a former Pakistani diplomat, was found beheaded at Zahir Jaffer’s residence in Islamabad’s F-7/4 sector.

Zahir Jaffer, who is a well-known businessman in Islamabad was arrested on the eve of Eid-al-Azha and remained in police custody on physical remand until this Monday. He was then sent on 14-day judicial remand to Adiala Jail in Rawalpindi.

As per reports, he will now be presented before a judicial magistrate on August 16.

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