Noor Mukaddam Murder: Compromised System, robbing of Justice

Like a potent drug that robs its victims of life, a compromised justice system puts an end to fairness for those who need it the most. In June 2017, an MPA from Baluchistan ran over an on-duty traffic police officer in Quetta. A CCTV camera recorded the entire episode, the police officer died, the video was played in court and watched by the presiding judge and you guessed it right – the MPA was absolved of all charges because, according to the Judge, there was no “evidence to implicate the MPA”.

Just imagine, a police officer on duty is killed, a judge responsible for delivering justice watches a video recording of the actual crime and then claims there was no proof to implicate anyone. But this is not an isolated incident. Heinous crimes are committed daily across the length and breadth of Pakistan where powerful and wealthy are set free by judges that are accountable to none. Perhaps, it happens in Timbuktu as well but my country is Pakistan and I am ashamed of such injustices.

The nation now faces another heinous crime. This time a young woman, Noor Mukaddam, lost her life. She was brutally tortured and beheaded by “Zahir Jaffer” the son of a powerful family. The killer was caught red-handed and the evidence is overwhelming and yet, even the Prime Minister of Pakistan is visibly concerned. His televised message to the judiciary when paraphrased amounts to a request for justice. Perhaps this also happens in Timbuktu but my country is Pakistan and I am ashamed that its prime Minister had to beg for justice.

The wholesale participation of people in positions of power and wealth, judges and lawyers, the police, and the politicians has made “injustice to common man acceptable and pervasive. I would not wish this on the people of Timbuktu but my country is Pakistan and my people deserve better.

As a nation, we must put an end to such injustices against women. Perhaps we will look back on this brutal and horrific killing as the wake-up call we needed to realize that goal. 

The entire nation is looking towards our justice system for fairness and impartiality and demands that Noor Mukadam’s murderer, Zahir Jaffer is given the maximum sentence admissible under the law!

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