Noor Mukaddam Murder case transferred to Special Court

Taking to the social networking website, Twitter, journalist Mubashir Zaidi said that the murder and rape case of Noor Mukaddam has been transferred to a special court for a ‘speedy trial’. 

Zaidi continued to add that the case will be proceeded over by Additional Sessions Judge Ata Rabbani. 

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Earlier, senior investigative journalist Mubasher Lucman, while unveiling details surrounding the killer Zahir Jaffer had said that Jaffer will be published for the crime despite all the attempts to get his name cleared. 

According to reports, Lucman had a detailed discussion with the lawyer of Noor Mukaddam’s parents, Mr. Shah Khawar on the constitutional and technical legalities surrounding the case, especially regarding the killer Zahir Jaffer. 

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In response to a question, Shah Khawar had said that the accused could play as many games as he wanted, but now things are going in the right direction. On this occasion, he said that now the position of Zahir’s parents is also changing and this position will prove to be better for Noor Mukaddam.

In response to another question, Shah Khawar said that Zahir Jaffar has left so much evidence during the murder that everything is now testifying that he is the killer. He also said that Zahir Jaffer’s parents are working hard and hiring big-shot lawyers, but it is clear that he will continue to be punished.

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