Noor Mukaddam Murder Case: Zahir Jaffer Confesses in Court

Sept 17, 2021:  In the latest development in Zahir Jaffer’s murder trial, the defense counsel says the testimony record of the accused while in the custody of the police has no legal status.

Islamabad High Court (IHC) has heard the bail plea of ​​accused Zahir Jaffer’s parents in connection with Noor Muqaddam murder case.

Lawyer Khawaja Harris also gave arguments on behalf of the accused for the third day today. Lawyer Khawaja Harris argued that the case was not too complicated. Justice Amir Farooq remarked that there is a perception that the police is unable to join the links of the investigation during interrogation.

Farooq further remarked there is also an impression that if the trial is delayed, the accused will not get bail, at least if he does not get bail, the accused will at least serve his sentence in jail.

The defense lawyer said he would like to point out that the statement of the accused recorded in the custody of the police has no legal status, the statement of the accused must be recorded before the magistrate. Only items recovered can be mentioned in the memo of recovery, the statement of the accused cannot be added to that.

Khawaja Harris read out the confessional statement of accused Zahir Jaffer. Zahir Jaffer’s confessional statement was that when Noor Muqaddam refused to get married, there was bitterness and a resultant fight.

Khawaja Harris argued that this sentence was not included in the initial statement of Zahir Jafar. According to the initial confessional statement, Zahir Jafar informed the family members what he had done after the murder. During the testimony, it will be proved which statement is correct. In the call data record, it has  only yet been proven that there is a record of calls to and fro between Zahir and his parents, but since there is no transcript of the calls, there is no proof of what was said.

Justice Amir Farooq remarked that the transcript of the call will be transcribed only when the call is recorded, the world is changing, the law also needs to be based on modern lines, Khawaja Harris said that maybe the prosecution or the defence will present any evidence in this regard during the trial.

Khawaja Harris said that aiding and abetting a crime is intentional and planned, which includes intention and intent. Even if the father had knowledge of the murder and could have stopped telling the police, it was not under aiding but a separate provision of law. Justice Amir Farooq remarked that in the United States, the trial is also televised. We still have rules for televising trial proceedings. If Noor was killed a year and a half ago, we would have imposed terrorism provisions. The Supreme Court explained that the practice has now stopped.

Khawaja Harris’s arguments on the bail plea of ​​the parents of the main accused in the Noor Muqadam murder case have been completed. The court directed the plaintiff’s lawyer Shah Khawar to give arguments on September 21.

Strict security arrangements were made during the hearing of Noor Muqaddam murder case. The bail application of the parents of the accused in Noor Muqaddam murder case has been rejected by the lower court which has been filed as an appeal in the Islamabad High Court.

On the other hand, the court, while issuing judgment on the petition filed by gardener Jan Mohammad and cook Jameel, the domestic workers of the house of notorious killer Zahir Jaffer, have had their bail pleas rejected.

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