Noor Muqaddam Murder Case: Zahir Jaffer’s Real Face EXPOSED

Noor Mukaddam, daughter of ex-Pakistan’s ambassador to South Korea Shaukat Mukaddam, was brutally murdered in sector F-7/4 Islamabad. The accused has been identified as a businessman named Zahir Jaffer, who reportedly had shot the girl before beheading her.

A First Information Report (FIR) was registered against Jaffer for the murder of Noor Muqaddam, the 27 year old daughter of former Pakistani diplomat Shaukat Muqaddam. According to the FIR, the murder case was registered under Section 302.

After finding out about their son’s murder of Noor Mukaddam, Zahir Jaffer’s family is trying to pressurise state organs to believe that Zahir was mentally ill so that he can be sent abroad for “treatment”. But if Zahir was mentally ill, how could he run his family business?

Noor Muqaddam Murder Case: What Actually Happened?

Baaghi TV has learnt that Zahir Jaffer is a member of the Jaffer Group of Companies, the Chief Brand Strategist for Ahmed Jaffer & Company (Private) Limited and owner of multiple companies like Jaffer Brothers (Private) Limited, Jafferjees (Private) Limited, SM Jaffer Private Limited and AJCL Travel & Tours etc.

It has been alleged that Jaffer, an American national, planned the murder of Noor Muqaddam and further plans to flee the country. Furthermore, it has been revealed that Jaffer is not mentally ill as he is healthy enough to run the business. His name must be put on the Exit Control List (ECL).

Sources reveals that Noor’s headless naked body was found and the head was placed away from the assaulted body at Jaffer’s place in Islamabad where the incident took place. It has been alleged that earlier he was deported from the United Kingdom (UK) on rape charges too.

Ex-diplomat’s daughter killed in Islamabad

Some other reliable sources reveal that the murderer’s family is trying to bribe police and a judge to allow him to flee as police investigation reveals that Jaffer is a United States (US) citizen and was booked to leave Islamabad for America on a flight yesterday. However, police is treating this as proof of premeditated murder and attempted flight from justice.

It is to be noted that Zahir Jaffer has been booked on charges of premeditated murder for allegedly brutally murdering the daughter of a former Pakistani diplomat in Islamabad, it occurred on Wednesday.

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