Number of flights to and from Mumbai increases as Covid-19 cases dip

June 22, 2021: The number of flights arriving and departing from Mumbai airport has increased with a decrease in covid-19 cases. “In late April and May, the daily flights were reduced to around 150 … now there are about … 350 flights,” said a Mumbai airport official.

About 960 flights were recorded daily at the airport before the pandemic. Between July and December, there were about 150 daily flights, and from January to March there were about 670 daily flights. The second wave of COVID19 led to a sharp decline in air traffic as many countries banned flights to and from India.

The aviation industry has been hit hardest by the pandemic. In the last fiscal year, domestic traffic slipped to a 10-year low of 53.4 million passengers. Domestic air operators flew 53.8 million passengers in 2010-11, according to industry data. Lack of regular flights has reduced international air traffic by more than 90%.

By February, the airlines were reporting about 60-70% of the seats occupied before the second wave of Covid19. In March and April, airlines began cutting prices again to deal with the financial crisis.

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