Occupied Kashmir: Clash between Indian Army and Mujahideen claims 2 Kashmiri lives

Srinagar: Two Kashmiri youths were martyred in a clash between security forces and freedom fighters during an early morning operation in Hard Shiva village of Sopore town in Baramulla district of North Kashmir in occupied Jammu and Kashmir on Thursday morning.

According to South Asian Wire, Kashmir Zone Police said that after receiving information about the presence of freedom fighters in the area, a team of Army, CRPF and SOG cordoned off the area in the early hours of the morning and launched a search operation. After which a two-way exchange of fire took place at 4.30 pm. According to South Asian Wire, the authorities suspended internet services.

Pulwama: A Kashmiri freedom fighter martyred

According to Occupied Jammu and Kashmir Police Chief Dilbagh Singh, the security forces have stepped up their operations against the freedom fighters this year and are conducting about two dozen operations every day, with only one or two succeeding. Sometimes no operation is successful.

According to South Asian Wire, Dilbagh Singh told reporters during a function in Srinagar that security forces allow surrendered freedom fighters to surrender before the clashes start but the freedom fighters do not accept their offer. Singh says freedom fighters do not surrender because they are under pressure from organizations, and it has been observed that the new freedom fighters are accompanied by the old freedom fighters, which is why the new freedom fighter is not given a chance to surrender.

Violent operations of Indian Forces, 8 more Kashmiri martyred

According to the South Asian Wire, 756 people have been arrested in 337 different incidents in Baramulla district since 2000. In 1,506 incidents, 1,580 freedom fighters, 608 civilians and 57 unidentified persons were martyred. In the same period, 468 security forces personnel were also killed in the district.

In Occupied Jammu and Kashmir, 139 Kashmiris were martyred in 2020 this year, including 22 in January, 12 in February, 13 in March, 33 in April, 16 in May and 43 in June, while 30 security personnel were killed.

According to the police, 60 incidents of arms seizure were recorded this year. According to South Asian Wire, 16 civilians were killed and 14 security personnel were injured in 16 blasts this year. In 2020, 129 people were arrested in 62 different incidents.

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In the last six months, the security forces have carried out major operations but there has been a decrease in the number of protests and stoning incidents following clashes between the people.

A new plan has been put in place to prevent incidents and protests, with the bodies of any local freedom fighters killed being buried in the remote hills of Baramulla or Gandbal instead of being handed over to their families.

Occupied Kashmir: Four Kashmiris arrested during Search Operation

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