Occupied Kashmir the largest prison in the world

New Delhi: Indian politicians are now beginning to support Pakistan’s position on occupied Jammu and Kashmir, Indian Rajya Sabha member P. Chidambaram showed  Modi government a mirror in this regard.

According to details, former Indian minister and current Rajya Sabha member P. Chidambaram has sharply criticized the Delhi government, writing that with the August 5 move, Delhi could not achieve what it wanted.

Former Indian Minister P. Chidambaram has said in an article that after the abolition of Kashmir’s special status on August 5, every possible step was taken to suppress the voice of Kashmiris and crush the independence movement, and turn Kashmir into a major prison.

He wrote that Occupied Kashmir is a big jail, fundamental rights are suspended, security operations are normal to crush the spirit of independence but still Modi government has failed to achieve its goals.

P. Chidambaram wrote that the Modi government could not achieve any result from the August 5 move, which is a sad defeat.

It is to be noted that after the enactment of Public Safety Act, Unlawful Activity Act, large scale search operations are underway in the occupied valley, while there is no place for independent media in Kashmir.

Crores have been lost, 497,000 people have lost their jobs, tourist arrivals have been above 300,000 till last year, which has come down to 43,000.

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