Olive Plant Grafting Kicks Off in Neelan Valley

HAVELIAN, Mar 05 (APP): Grafting of olive trees started in the Neelan Valley of Havelian on Friday. Speaking of the occasion, Professor Sardar Mumtaz of Department of Microbiology, University of Haripur, said some 2,000 olive trees would be grated in Neelan Valley.

He said Jordan and Spain were leading in the olive production in the world. Pakistan wanted to be self-sufficient and it would be possible within the next few years with the cooperation of masses. He said they were grafting the plants with Italian species of Kori Nikki, from whose fruit of four kilograms, some one kilogram oil could be extracted.

Sardar Mumtaz said Pakistan was not a traditional olive-producing country but its wild subspecies Olea Cuspidata did grow in different parts of the country. He said since 1986 olive trees had been planted in Pakistan on experiment basis, starting with a project funded by the Italian government.

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