‘Online Lover’ cheats Indonesian Woman.

A pakistani man cheated an Indonesian woman into believing that he can provide a bright future for her and into leaving her country and coming to Pakistan in search of her true love.
Murnianingsih Nannag Syarif, 37, had arrived in Lahore on May 13 to marry a man from Bahawalpur who she fell in love with on Facebook.
the said man did not take her to his native home town of Bahawalpur and married her in Lahore. however he abandoned her after a few days citing ‘domestic liabilities’ as a reason to abandon her.
Syairf was abandoned at the Lahore airport by her false lover with no money and no where to go.
She felt betrayed and cried and stayed at the waiting area in the Lahore airport, until finally she was able to receive money from her family in Indonesia who had transferred money to her.
According to The Tribune the statistics of women coming to Pakistan to marry Pakistani men has risen in the last few years. For instance, an Indian woman came to Pakistan for the Baesakhi festival and ended up marrying a Muslim man as well as converting to Islam.

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