Open letter to all elected representatives and the district head of Gujrat

AOA. I hope all is well? We appreciate your tireless efforts in trying to bring calm and peace to your District. This Coronavirus has severely impacted our lives: socially, economically, mentally and psychologically.

Among other certain actions that we may have to adopt, yet newer techniques, which may otherwise be deemed the need of the hour could serve as a game-changer.

A few suggestions that may help facilitate our day to day lives.

1. Safe disinfecting spray for walk-through gates to be installed at the entry points of Sabzi mandis in all the three tehsils of Gujrat.

2. Also at the entry points of wagon and bus stands.

3. The cleaning or spraying of the roads with chlorinated water via sprinklers, and jetty machines as much and as many possible.

4. Fumigation.

You all are the guardians of the wretched communities rife with disillusionment at the moment.

Mian Haroon Masood Former Tehsil Nazim, Gujrat

All this could be done routinely depending upon a certain viable plan. This may become our lifestyle to avoid the spread of any new epidemic if at all there is any. The use of disinfectants is made a mandatory practice in prevalent times. These precautions may lead to minimizing the effect of any foreseeable epidemic which breaks out God forbid.

We must get accustomed to our new way of life.

You all are the guardians of the wretched communities rife with disillusionment at the moment.
You are our hope, who may change the course of our direction, a direction that guarantees a disease-free, bacteria-free and a virus-free environment.

The recent passing away of a nurse Sadaf Jameel at Aziz Bhatti Shaheed Hospital Gujrat is probably the first-ever incidence in the history of paramedics. These are the heroes worth more than any other legendary entertainers whom we wrongfully consider heroes.

They (municipal committees) are the backbone for delivery of services. They are lying idle to an utter disregard of its helpless citizens.

Mian Haroon Masood Former Tehsil Nazim, Gujrat

The shaheed nurse is awarded some accolade for her meritorious services. We robbed her life for saving some others. Let’s now take care of her two children who have been left to survive in humble circumstances. Another important fact that I want to bring to light is the very redundancy of municipal committees in their respective jurisdictions. They are the backbone for the delivery of services. They are lying idle to an utter disregard of its helpless citizens.

If the doctors could battle the menace of the corona the necessary staff in the municipal committed be ordered to carry out their obligations as well. The spraying and disinfecting of all roads are of paramount importance.

Corona crisis exacerbates the social crisis. In other countries, people are cooking food for the garbage collectors, because of the lockdown they can’t go and work. The lockdown should ease slowly. Coronavirus has driven the world population into lockdown.

This should not go unheeded.

These are difficult times but surely we will steer through these moments of trial and tribulation. We must massively do testing for Coronavirus. That is the only way that could rule out any misleading details and help facilitate in unfolding the corona puzzle.

While I go forth to pen my thoughts I hear about a plane crash, in which two PAF officials have been martyred. What better way to sacrifice one’s life, crashing into one’s own village, making the village know, (“Look fellows here I am, I had promised to you that I would not flinch back”), he lived up to his word. No compelling quantifiable evidence than this. A memorial must be built to commemorate the falling soldier. My heart goes to the bereaved. May their souls rest in peace.

Next year I don’t want to see any celebrity, an actor, an actress, on a red carpet reception. I don’t want to see people being mad about these actors and actresses.

Next year I want to see nurses, doctors, ambulance crews, health care support workers, shop workers and truck drivers, all essential workers, grocery store workers having free red carpet parties with awards and expensive goodie bags. If this doesn’t happen it will be the biggest injustice ever!!

We have to honor the dead.

Baaghi TV urges you to play your part as a responsible citizen by staying at home to ensure the safety of yourself, your loved ones and the community.

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