Operations police issues performance facts and figures



Lahore: Lahore Police (Operations Wing) issued the facts and figures regarding its performance of the month of August. According to the report, as many as 261 accused of 113 gangs were arrested and an amount of rupees more than 01 crore 88 lac was recovered from the gang members which was handed over to the actual heirs. During grand operation against illegal weapons, Lahore Police arrested 465 criminals and recovered 25 rifles, 04 Kalashnikovs, 17 guns, 06 daggers, 400 revolvers and pistols as well as more than 2650 of bullets from their possession. More than 272kg of charas, 04kg and 910grm heroin, 935grm ICE, more than 09kg opium and 5023 bottles of liquor were recovered from arrested 615 accused. An amount of rupees more than 04 lac and 76 thousands was recovered from 274 accused during crackdown against gamblers. Lahore Police also arrested 224 criminals during its action against brothels’ in the city. As many as 1612 criminals were arrested for violation of One Wheeling, Kite Flying, Aerial Firing, bagging, Price Control and Loudspeaker Acts.