Opinion: Flaws and short coming in our education Sector

“A well educated mind and skillful mind will always have more questions than answers”.

In our country education system has flaws when it comes to schooling, tutoring. Here we have the concept a child whose brain is in and under the state of development is judged by how he or she scores high in tests. If he scores low, he is considered worthless instead of being encouraged and motivated to do better.

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Many teachers here in Pakistan they don’t understand that the kid who failed his test today could turn out to be someone big and smart as Steve Jobs. How can one guarantee that a student who scores A grades only would get a highly-paid job? There are millions of toppers who are jobless ad sitting at home in search of a job having PhDs degrees.

Our education system doesn’t care about individual dreams. It is all about shoving homework down students’ throats to put burden on them so that they don’t get time to achieve the dreams they want. Here dream of the student is considered as extra additional hobby. In my opinion homework should be banned and self-study encouraged among students, which most of them probably won’t do because they are not interested and it has little to do with practical life. Sometime its amazed me like what is the purpose of subjects like trigonometry? How will it help me in practical life when I would be looking for a job as a writer, doctor, artist?

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So many students who want to become musicians, athletes and artist are forced to study all subjects. One have basic knowledge about all subjects, especially science and math. The problem occurs when students are forced to study a subject in so much depth that they have to pay money for extra tuitions for knowledge that they’ll probably forget in the next five years.

Herein our education system schools and colleges have only few paths that students can take. ­They can only select science, arts or commerce groups. This grouping narrows the options for children by forcing them to take a group of subjects without giving them a chance to study and discover their aptitude for a wider range and variety of more subjects.

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Thus this all shortcoming and flaws in our education system leads to students scoring low grades because they were not able to determine if they had the skills to study a subject when choosing it in grade eight or nine. Many intelligent students miss out on getting a chance to know more about a subject they may be good at.

This is the reason many parents send their children abroad for foreign education because foreign education systems give students the chance to choose a mix of subjects based on their preferences. Students are also offered a chance to take on extra subjects in school and college board exams to give them a better and wider career choice.

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Pakistan’s education system is based on memory, which is why we don’t even feel a slight difference in your intellect after studying eight hours daily. They are making children hate education because of wrong teaching methods which is a great threat to our generation, as this is making students hate studies due to unbearable pressure and stress by the teachers.

In the modern practical world, GPAs or grades are not important, what is important is our individual skill set and how one student is different from others. Individuality is taken away from us since our childhood at school.

The way forward and solution to control and balance our education system is to change the current teaching methods. Students should be tested on their skills rather than pushing or memorizing skills.

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