Opposition likely to launch a nationwide movement against PTI Govt


Islamabad, 20th September: Opposition has given respite to the government till January as discussed during the All Parties Conference (APC) today.

According to reports, the country’s opposition parties in the All Parties Conference (APC) have decided to launch a nationwide movement against the government. 

APC’s two major parties, PML-N and PPP, have rejected Maulana Fazlur Rehman’s demand for immediate resignation from the assemblies, deeming it inappropriate.

Accountability to Continue No Matter How Many APCs Opposition Holds: Shehbaz Gill

According to sources, the opposition alliance has been dubbed the ‘Pakistan Democratic Alliance’ and has demanded the immediate resignation of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Sources said that it was decided to launch a nationwide anti-government protest movement in APC under which protests and public rallies would be held in October in which all opposition parties would participate.
Sources said that now anti-government protests would be held in December. There will be a long march towards Islamabad in January 2021.

According to sources, the government will be given time only till January, free and fair new elections will be demanded in the country.

A sit-in or march will be started if new elections are not held while no-confidence motion option will also be used if required.

Sources also revealed that resignation from the assemblies would also be among the options while a Truth Commission would be set up which would bring out the facts on the real history of Pakistan from 1947 to date.

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