Opposition will only waste time by taking to streets: Governor Punjab


Lahore: Governor Punjab Chaudhry Mohammed Sarwar said that the opposition will only waste its time and also of public by taking to the streets because the government is not going to fall by such protests. Elections will be held in 2023. It is not the time for personal interests and politics, it is the time to protect national interest. Sacrifices of Pak – Army against terrorism are praiseworthy. He stated this while talking to the Chairperson Punjab Protection Authority Fatima Chadharr, delegates of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf and media.
Governor Punjab Chaudhry Mohammed Sarwar said that people have given the mandate of five years to the government and completing its tenure is the constitutional and democratic right of government, adding that the government will complete its legal tenure and elections will held on time. Chaudhry Mohammed Sarwar said that current government believes in the rule of law and targeting the political opponents is out of question . He further said that for the first time in country, transparency and and supremacy of merit has been ensured at every level. He said that Tehreek e Insaaf saved Pakistan from economic crisis by making difficult decisions, and, today, economic stability of Pakistan is being acknowledged by all international institutions.
Governor Punjab Chaudhry Mohammed Sarwar said that opposition parties have had protested against the government in the past but government was not intimidated by such protests. The opposition should understand that the government is stable and strong under the leadership of Prime Minister, Imran Khan and enjoys the full support of the masses.
Governor Punjab said that the government will ensure all steps for the protection of women and any kind of oppression and injustice with women will not be tolerated. An awareness campaign in universities for the protection of the women is also bieng launched in the universities, he added.