Orange Line Train May Finally Become a Reality

LAHORE (24th Oct, 2019): Trial run for Lahore’s orange line metro train is set to start on 28th of October.

According to details, trial run for Pakistan’s first metro project, ‘The Orange Line Metro Train’ is set to start on 28th of October. However, Prime Minister Imran Khan is expected to officially launch the project in March 2020.

Lahore orange line metro train to become operational in March 2020. The development work of Lahore orange line metro train (OLMT) is near completion which will be officially inaugurated by Prime Minister Imran Khan in March 2020.

Reportedly, the value of OLMT stands at $ 1.5 billion. Exim Bank of China provided a loan of $ 1.3 billion and the rest of the project’s cost was covered by the provincial government.

250,000 passengers will transport daily, the line will be served by 26 stations construction work on 13 substations has already been completed successfully. The remaining substations is due to be completed by November this year.

On the other hand, orange trains are expected to cater to around 30,000 passengers every hour. The transport system is expected to expand its services to 300,000 passengers by 2023.


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