Our Media should be hanged, Noman Ijaz

Lahore, July 10th: Leading actor Noman Ijaz has demanded the execution of media. According to reports, well known actor of Pakistan entertainment industry Noman Ijaz says that the industry needs to wake up and I personally think our media should be hanged because it is not giving public awareness. 

Recently, Pakistani drama industry actor Noman Ijaz expressed his anger over Pakistan’s drama industry during a live session on Instagram.

Noman Ijaz said, “If you look at today’s dramas, the characters of the drama go from the lounge to the drawing room, from the drawing room to the kitchen and from the kitchen to the bedroom. They don’t even know how to peek out the window.” How long will stories continue to be made on such topics?

He said, “All the channels are showing the same dramas whereas in the earlier dramas the culture, traditions, customs and traditions of the four provinces were reflected. You used to get a lot of new information by watching these dramas.”

Noman Ijaz said that in today’s dramas it is being shown that a woman likes someone else’s husband but marries someone else, not only this but story goes forward after seeing each other or taking revenge for each other.

The actor added, “The real dramas are over. The industry needs to wake up. We can’t hold any one channel responsible here. We will do whatever negative things we show to our people in our lives.”

Noman Ijaz said, “My personal opinion is that our media should be hanged because today’s dramas are not giving any information to anyone. It is assumed that the people do not know anything while now the people knows everything and the drama industry has come to a standstill.

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