Out of 200 countries, Pakistani Passport rated the worst

Lahore, 14th March: Pakistani passport has been named the 9th worst passport in the world.

Baaghi TV: The international firm has named the UAE passport as the best passport in the Arab world, the UAE passport is ranked 38th in the international rankings.

However, the world’s best European passport is from Luxembourg.

The passports of Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen and Syria have been declared the worst, while Pakistan is ranked 191st, Bangladesh 177th and India 164th.

According to the international website, a global consulting firm named Capitalist has released a list of the best passports for the year 2021, in which 199 passports are ranked.

In this list, the passport of the United Arab Emirates has been declared the best passport in the Arab countries.

In the list, the passports of Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain have been declared the second, third, fourth and fifth best passports in the Arab world respectively.

Internationally, the passports of the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain are ranked 38th, 97th, 98th, 103rd and 105th respectively, with Luxembourg being named the world’s best passport.

Passports from Sweden, Ireland, Switzerland and Belgium were declared the second, third, fourth and fifth best passports respectively.

Finland is sixth, Portugal seventh, the Netherlands eighth, Singapore ninth and the Czech Republic tenth.

The criteria used for this classification include visa-free travel for citizens of these countries, tax laws, development, dual citizenship laws, and social status.

Among the worst passports of the world, Afghanistan ranks first, Iraq second, Yemen third, Syria fourth, Eritrea fifth, Libya sixth, Somalia seventh, North Korea eighth, Pakistan ninth and Sudan tenth.

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