Over 0.4 Million Olive Trees Planted Across Balochistan


ISLAMABAD, Sep 24 (APP): Approximately 0.4 million olive trees have been planted by the Balochistan government across the province during the year, aimed to fight water scarcity and for promotion of low-water consuming farming.

Out of such 0.4 million the Balochistan Agriculture Research Institute (BARI) has planted 221,000 olive saplings whereas the remaining were planted by Balochistan Agriculture Research and Development Center as part of its upcoming low water consuming project.

Talking to APP, Director General (BARI) Juma Khan said, “Plantation of olive tress will also provide farmers with an alternative crop which will be helpful in bringing prosperity to the backward areas.”

He added that the saplings of olive trees were imported from Italy and were being provided to farmers free of cost for their economic development. The province has also been working to produce the saplings of olive trees in its own nurseries. For extraction of olive oil, plants are being established in various cities of the province.

He said that the ARI has started training programmes for farmers and landowners of the province about the modern farming methods. He said that cultivation of the 400,000 olive plants was done over 4,000 acres to resist climate change issue besides introducing a good source of income for the poor farmers of the province. He said it was a priority of the government to make barren land cultivable for the promotion of livestock and agriculture sector of the province. He said such an initiative would help generate revenue for the province, besides bringing large areas of barren land under cultivation.

Appreciating the plant distribution process, local farmers said such initiatives were imperative for prosperity of the province, besides ensuring involvement of lower middle class in the country development. They praised the ARI for ensuring transparency in plants distribution process in the province.

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