Overcoming price-hike is the top priority of the govt: Usman Buzdar

Lahore, August 22 (Online Int’l): Chief Minister Punjab reiterated that overcoming price-hike is the top priority of the government because it wants to provide relief to the masses.

We came to power in difficult times but did not lose heart. Usman Buzdar added that things are being improved and there is nothing to worry about. He asserted that Punjab is being transformed and a series of good news has started for the public.

He expressed the commitment that development of Punjab is his mission. He maintained that negative politics is the style of those having a negative approach. On the other side, we think positively and give attention to doing positive work for the masses, he added.

The CM stated the culture of merit is being promoted in Punjab and decisions are being made transparently. Merit and transparency are our hallmarks, he added.

The people are fed up with the usual impassiveness of conservative leaders of traditional political parties. Only the PTI government, led by Prime Minister Imran Khan, can bring change in circumstance, Usman Buzdar concluded.

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