Overseas Pakistanis declare their assets in Tax Amnesty Scheme: Khaleej Times

UAE’s news paper Khaleej Times claimed overseas Pakistanis have whitened their assets worth Rs.1 trillion in present Tax Amnesty Scheme offered by PTI led government.

According to the reports of Baaghitv, PTI led government has offered a Tax Amnesty Scheme for Pakistanis especially overseas Pakistanis to declare their assets gathered through unexplained resources. This scheme is going to last till 30 June, 2019. o far, as per claims of Khaleej Times, overseas Pakistanis residing in UAE, UK, Canada and Singapore have declared their assets worth Rs.1 trillion.

The sole purpose of this tax amnesty scheme is to bring this non-documented economy in record as country is facing risk of being black-listed by FATF. Therefore, the government is taking all measures to avoid this and this amnesty scheme is a part of that efforts.

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