Owner and Staff of Therapy Works Arrested in Noor Mukadam Case

Six people including owner and staffers of Therapy Works get arrested for allegedly helping Zahir Jaffer

 Lahore, 15th August: Police have arrested the owner and staff members of a rehabilitation center called ‘Therapy Works’ in Islamabad for their alleged role in the murder of Noor Mukadam, daughter of an ex-ambassador.

According to details, Islamabad police have arrested six people including the owner and staffers of Therapy Works for their alleged role in facilitating Zahir Jaffer, the accused in the murder of Noor Mukadam.

Sources in the police department have informed that the owner of the psychiatric rehab center Dr. Tahir and five other employees have been arrested.

Noor Mukadam’s murderer should be hanged, Mubasher Lucman

Sources added that these suspects will be presented before the court for a physical remand and also informed that with the support of Zahir Jaffer’s parents, they allegedly concealed evidence in the Noor Mukadam murder case.

It is to be noted that Therapy Works is a leading therapy and drug rehabilitation center in Islamabad which came under scrutiny after the heinous murder of 27-year-old Noor Mukadam.

The key suspect Zahir Jaffer has been associated with Therapy Works and allegedly holds a diploma from the center.

Therapy Works comes under scrutiny following Noor Mukadam’s murder

According to earlier reports from Baaghi TV, Deputy Commissioner Islamabad Muhammed Hamza Shafqat announced on July 25 that the rehab center will be sealed as the authorities continue the investigation in Noor’s murder.

Zahir Jaffer’s Parents Try to Make the Case Look Like a Robbery

However, on July 29, Therapy Works issued a statement on social media and claimed to take legal action for defamatory accusations made against them regarding the Noor Mukadam case.
They also stated that no staff member of theirs has been arrested or detained. They said that their international credentials have been submitted to concerned authorities.

It may be recalled that on July 20, Noor Mukadam, daughter of a former envoy to South Korea, Shaukat Mukadam, was brutally murdered and beheaded by her friend Zahir Jaffer, in the vicinity of Islamabad’s Kohsar police station.

Meanwhile, Zahir Jaffer and his parents are under police custody in Adiala Jail Rawalpindi for the past 15 days. However, a forensic report on Wednesday last week revealed that the slain Noor was raped and tortured by Zahir Jaffer.

Zahir Jaffer Tortured and Raped Noor Mukadam, Reveals Forensic Report

As per reports, the rape was confirmed from the forensic report after the DNA of Zahir Jaffer matched with deceased Noor Mukadam. Furthermore, fingerprints found on the murder weapon, a knife also matched with that of Zahir Jaffer.

According to reports, the names of Zahir Jaffer, his parents Zakir Jaffer, Asmat Adamjee and three domestic workers had been placed on the ECL.

Another Accused Arrested in the Noor Mukadam Murder Case

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