Oxygen leaks from tanker, 22 patients dead as ventilators were stopped

An oxygen tanker leaked while being filled at Dr Zakir Hussain Hospital, Nashik on Wednesday afternoon. Officials are said to have reached the spot where the mishap took place and operations are underway to contain the leak.

As per the latest reports, at least 22 people have died of oxygen deprivation as the tank leak had stopped ventilators. Reports stated that ventilators in the hospital were stopped for at least 30 minutes. District Collector of Nashik has stated that the patients have succumbed to oxygen deprivation.

The state of Maharashtra is facing an acute shortage of oxygen amid the second wave of coronavirus which has crippled the health infrastructure.

The state has over 60,000 people on oxygen support in hospitals and many others on oxygen support at home. The shortage of oxygen has forced several hospitals to stop new admissions as the current supply is said to last for only a few hours.

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