Pak Fashion Industry: Major Disappointment amid coronavirus

Pak Fashion Industry: Major Disappointment amid coronavirus

With surging number of the coronavirus cases around the world, a huge shortage of surgical kits is generated which is used in protection it.

There is a dire need for facial masks, gloves, and medical suits to fight against the battle of COVID-19. With the current toll in the US rising to 104,412, there is bound to be a shortage of medical supplies in the hospitals. The paramedic staff is facing difficulties to treat the patients due to the lack of their safety gear.

US Governor, Andrew Cuomo gave a call to the renowned fashion designers to step forward and work their sewing skills for making safety suits instead of the trendy dresses. Many western brands have come forward with the idea of contributing to the cause in their own thoughtful ways.

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Christian Siriano: Who has dressed Zendaya, Leslie Jones, Cynthia Erivo and Celine Dion, heeded this call to action having sewing machine and scissors in hand. “If we need masks my team can make them! I have sewers and pattern makers ready to help to work from home,” Siriano said on Twitter. Siriano posted prototypes of the masks on Twitter that evening.

Giorgio Armani: A luxury Italian brand Armani, made a big announcement to convert its Italian production plants into sites for making single-use over-alls for the medical professionals.

Bulgari: In collaboration with its fragrance manufacturer, Industrie Cosmetiche Riunite, Bulgari has decided to make bottles of hand sanitizer in recyclable bottles. The bottles will be given to medical facilities and the Italian government, with plans to donate several hundred thousand within the next two months.

“I believe as a major economic actor and symbol of Italy, Bulgari has a responsibility to contribute to the national effort to help prevent, fight and eradicate COVID-19. We believe it is our duty to contribute with our know-how and production facilities,” CEO Jean-Christophe Babin said Wednesday in a statement.

Bulgari is also part of fashion conglomerate LVMH, along with Louis Vuitton, Dior, and Givenchy, which is ordering 10 million masks from a Chinese producer to deliver in France for the next four weeks, for a total of 40 million masks. Dior and Givenchy’s perfume and cosmetics labs are making about 50 tons of sanitizing gel a week to donate to French hospitals. (Reported by The Hollywood Reporter)

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Gucci: The famous Italian luxury brand, Gucci is donating 1.1 million masks and 50,000 medical suits to the Italian authorities to be used in the hospitals.

Michael Costello: An American fashion designer, and a reality television personality, Costello has styled Mariah Carey, Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez, has raised the bar by producing the prototypes of the face masks by working 24 hours a day and will be donating them as a good-will gesture to the hospital in New York.

These high-end brands are leaving no stone unturned in helping their governments to lend their support. They have stopped producing the chic and expensive ensembles and have gone the practical way by producing and donating what is the need of the hour.

In Pakistan, COVID-19 is wreaking havoc and has affected the health conditions and nosediving economy of the country. The number of affected people is on the rise and a lockdown has further slowed down the business a lot.

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It was a time for the fashion designers in the country to showcase their newly designed lawn apparels but the emerging virus has put the show to an end and they are suffering an extreme loss. Unlike, western brands, we, in Pakistan, do not see any trend of our couture designers turning into mindful helpers for the society.

No Pakistani designer is seen following the footsteps of Gucci, Siriano, Michael Costello and Armani in regards to contributing to the common cause against the coronavirus. We have still not heard of any high-end local fashion brand coming up with the idea of creating face masks, gloves or safety suits and helping our health-care workers.

On the other hand, apart from canceling their exhibitions and the couture shows, our designers are busy selling their products online and trying to earn money which they have lost amid the spread of the coronavirus.

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Designers like Khaadi, Rizwan Beyg, Sana Safinaz, HSY, Sania Maskatiya, and Nomi Ansari are mum about contributing to the cause. They should be converting their production plants into sites for sewing the medical equipment as per the requirement, instead, they are quietly carrying out their roles and following the government rules of sanitizing and working from home.

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However, these are the important steps to follow and set an example for the people to see but I would appreciate that our fashion designers become the trendsetters once again and step forward in providing their services for the good cause rather than showcasing their fashion trends only in the country.

Instead of being in the news by posting videos, like in the recent case of the renowned fashion designer Maria B who supposedly sent away, her positive-coronavirus cook to his village for self-isolation, later gains empathy for herself and publicity for her brand through her videos.

This type of attitude should be discouraged at all levels. People look forward to our fashion designers. These are the people who set up trends in our society, so by setting a statement of creating something useful at this time of need would be the best gesture they can showcase.

What we, as the citizens require is the role model set up by our idols, what they demonstrate to us, we try to imitate them. They are required to get up and gear at the time of crisis, rather than just sitting around in their luxurious homes and enjoying their leisure time.

People with influence are only deserving of respect when they use that privilege to raise their voices for a good cause leaving behind any selfish or ill-meaning intentions. Shouldn’t the Pakistani fashion industry learn a thing or two from renowned international brands who are setting an example of what it means to be influential and able?

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