Pak Navy and ANF bust major drug smuggling attempt at sea

KARACHI, 12th July: Pakistan Navy in a successful intelligence based operation today (Friday) busted a major contingent of narcotics being sent by sea, Navy’s Public Relations Wing reported.
A raid near the outskirts of Karachi, the seaways adjacent to Mubarak Village was explored where a vessel carrying copious amounts of Hashish and Heroin were confiscated.
According to details, the recovered amount of the bust is approximately 300 million rupees approximately which includes 675 kilograms of Hashish and 4 kilograms of Heroin.
The spokesman for Pakistan Navy in a statement regarding the bust said that the intricate operation was done in collaboration with the Anti Narcotics Force (ANF) who constantly kept a check on the suspected vessel and the entire operation as a whole.
He spokesman also said that the operation was testament to the ability and capability of Pakistan Navy and its resolve to keep the seaways of Pakistan clean of any criminal activity or misadventure.
In conclusion he added that Pakistan Navy was ready, willing and able to carry on performing their duties with vigilance and integrity.

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