Pak Rupee increases against US Dollar in the interbank market

Pak-Rupee-increases-against-US-Dollar-in-the-interbank-market #Baaghi

Lahore, 27th July: Pak rupee has increased 0.43 paisa against the US Dollar in the interbank currency market.

According to details from the forex dealers, the Pak rupee inched up 0.43 paisa against the United States dollar on Tuesday.

As per reports, the rupee climbed over the US dollar from the previous close of Rs 161.23 and is now being traded below Rs 161 in the market.

Hence the green note is being traded at Rs 160.80 in the inter-bank market.

Dollar Exchange Rate at an Alarming High of Rs. 162.32

During the last week, the US dollar crossed the Rs 161 mark in the interbank currency market, reaching its highest since January 2021.

With an appreciation of Rs 1.54, the US dollar closed at Rs 161.48 against the Pakistani rupee.

Pak Rupee strengthens against US Dollar at a record level

It is to be recalled that the Pakistani rupee reached an all-time low of Rs 168.43 against the dollar in August 2020.

During the fiscal year 2020-2021, the local unit rose by 6.2% or Rs 10.51 against the US dollar in the currency market.

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