Pakistan Customs caused loss of billion of rupees to national economy.

According to reports of Baaghitv, Pakistan Customs Department in connivance with 10 importers, is involved in massive corruption, worth 200 billion rupees, on annual basis resulting in causing losses of billion of rupees to national exchequer and badly effecting national economy.

Baaghitv has learnt that 7000 to 8000 cars are being imported by Pakistan on monthly basis. The import mafia, which is involved in this heinous act of corruption, purchase a new vehicles from Japan and these cars are driven for around 300 kilometers, and then the details of these cars are shared with the customs department. For instance, if a car is worth Rs.10 million, it will be shown as Rs.7 million to Pakistan Customs Department for the purpose of tax evasion.

In the other way of carrying out the heinous corruption, a new car is deliberately declared a used car, which results in the tax evasion of 2 million rupees.

There is other way of this campaign, where the original capacity of engine is not declared and the relatively less engine capacity is declared to evade tax and cause loss tune to billion of rupees to national exchequer.

the importer mafia in connivance with the Pakistan Customs Department officials, imports the scrapped cars for free from Japan, which are declared not for drive by Japan, and then custom duty is paid on these scrapped cars. Then these cars are transported to warehouse of these mafias.These mafias sold these cars by declaring them used cars and earns million of rupees.

Baaghitv has learnt that the cars which are imported from Europe, particularly Germany, are comparatively in better conditions and generates massive revenue for national exchequer than the cars which are imported from Japan and China and these cars are sold at relatively less prices than the cars imported from Japan and China.

According to sources of Baaghitv, in the past one year around 1100 Land Cruisers are imported from Japan and 10 million tax is evaded on each Land Cruiser by Custom officials i connivance with import mafias causing loss of 1100 millions to national exchequer.

In the other development, the mafia has been resorted to illegal means for clearance of cars imported from Japan and China, to be declared them eco-friendly. Environmentalists have demanded the government to declare the certification from pre-shipment agency of Japan, Bureau Veritas,  mandatory for the cars imported from Japan.

They further demanded the grading of cars which are imported from Japan, to be declared 4.5 from auction houses of Japan and the cars should not have traveled more than 15,000 kilometers. In this way, the imports of flood affected cars, scrapped cars, will be halted. A complete Auto Policy is indispensable for the country and strictly following the policy in letter and spirits is the need of hour.  The import of cars, which are already in drive for more than 15 years, must be halted immediately.


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