Pakistan Embassy in Kabul Limits issuance of visas

ISLAMABAD  28th July: The Embassy of Pakistan in Kabul on Sunday stated that going forward it will not only issue a limited number of visas for Afghan nationals but will also only issue them to the elderly, patients, women and businessmen.

A statement from the embassy spokesperson cited a gang deceiving and swindling money from visa applicants outside the premises as the reason behind this move.

The communique further said that the policy shall remain unchanged until the Afghan government takes action on the matter. The embassy spokesperson maintained that the gang receives police support and at times the men will also be armed with sticks. The statement reiterates that visa service will only fully resume after a through probe is conducted. In January, following an uptick in terrorist violence, Pakistan abolished the ‘on-arrival’ visa facility for Afghan nationals. The Immigration Wing of the Federal Investigation Agency cited increased security risks from the western border as a reason for the move.

Furthermore, the government had also restricted the movement of Afghan nationals in Pakistan and stopped issuing of visas at airports and border crossing points.

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