Pakistan exports Rs 7.7 bln salt in five years

ISLAMABAD, Dec 16 (APP): Pakistan has exported around 647,978 Metric Ton (MT) rock salt, which is known in the world due to its best quality, and generated Rs 7.776 billion income during the last five years.

“The government is committed to promoting the export of value-added salt product as the country has over 10 billion tonnes of deposits stretching over 209 kilometer area between Jhelum and Indus rivers,” a senior official privy to mineral sector developed told APP.

He said the pink salt was exclusively produced in Pakistan, which established the country’s monopoly over the product across the world.

“There are as many as six salt mines and quarries, operating under Pakistan Mineral Development Corporation (PMDC) and contributing around 58 percent of the total salt production.”

However, he said the pink salt was extracted from three, out of six, salt mines including Khewra, Warcha and Kalabagh, and exported both in raw and processed form at the price determined by the market forces, which varied in line with the demand in the international market.

T he official said the Commerce Division held several meetings with all stakeholders, who had decided that the PMDC would identify a list of machinery and equipment used in the mining and processing of the rock salt for their import on reduced or eliminated customs duties/taxes. “It will help export promotion of the value-added salt products.”

The PMDC, he said, was in the process of finalizing terms and condition of joint venture with two private sector firms to establish a state of the art crushing plant in Pakistan. “The corporation has also suggested holding a Salt Expo in Pakistan in the coming months.”

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