Pakistan expresses concern over reports of confiscation of natural uranium from unauthorized persons in India

May 8, 2021: Pakistan expresses concern over reports of natural uranium seizure from unauthorized persons in India Foreign Office spokesman said that reports of seizure of more than 7 kg of natural uranium in India were noted, the safety of nuclear material should be the top priority of all countries. 

Pakistan has made its position clear by stressing that the matter needs to be fully investigated, and that how is it possible that so much uranium quantities be available outside the control of any state. The security gap that made this possible should be identified.

It should be noted that attempts were made to sell deadly radioactive material in India, more than 7 kg of uranium was seized from Mumbai, agencies arrested 2 accused, the smuggled uranium is worth Rs 21 crore. The accused were looking for buyers to sell uranium, Indian officials said. The police has arrested the accused and said that they are interrogating the arrested and getting information about the group and their accomplices involved in this heinous act.

Uranium is a very dangerous explosive that can be extremely deadly if left in the wrong hands. It was reported that on February 14, PI Bhalikar was informed that a man named Jaggar Pandya was illegally selling uranium fragments. After which, the Indian security agency caught Jaggar Pandya and his accomplice red handed during a secret operation.

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