Pakistan has been allocated $150 million by the World Bank

India supplies 500,000 vaccine doses to Afghanistan

Pakistan has been allocated $150 million by the World Bank to acquire corona vaccination.

According to reports, the World Bank Regional Vice President met with Finance Minister Shaukat Tareen in Islamabad, where he was joined by the World Bank Country Director and other senior officials.

World Bank’s $12 billion allocation for the purchase of corona vaccination for developing nations was applauded by the Finance Minister. World Bank’s proposed $12 billion will be used to buy the coronavirus vaccine for 1 billion individuals, which will then be distributed to other developing nations, including Pakistan.

Finance Minister expressed gratitude to the World Bank for its assistance in Pakistani administration and service delivery. World Bank’s Regional Vice President complimented Pakistan’s efforts and actions in dealing with the Corona.

World Bank Vice President declared that the organisation would help Pakistan with $150 million to procure vaccines.

Officials from the World Bank pledged their full support for the Clean and Green Energy project, as well as providing advise to their IT staff on digital economy operations.

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