Pakistan has played an Important role in Afghan Peace Process: DG ISPR

According to Baaghi TV, DG ISPR Major General Babar Iftikhar has said that there are many aspects to the Afghan peace process. It remains to be seen whether the Afghan army has resisted or will resisted in Afghan peace process.

Talking to a private TV channel, the DG ISPR said that Pakistan sincerely tried to advance the peace process. Pakistan’s role in advancing the peace process was key to the decision on how to move Afghanistan was made by the people there. Pakistan has been playing the role of facilitator in the peace process, the United States has spent a lot of money on training the Afghan army.

The progress of the Afghan army is not special at the moment, so far according to the news the progress of the Taliban, the Afghan army It remains to be seen whether they will resist or not. The United States has withdrawn its troops from Afghanistan. The Afghan parties must work together to find a solution.

DG ISPR Major General Babar Iftikhar further said that Pakistan is blamed for this problem. Trillions were spent on training of Afghan army. We have been working for peace process and will continue to do so. Afghan border Up to 90% fence has been erected.

Pak-Afghan border management was started a long time ago, new wings of FC have been formed to monitor Pak-Afghan border, testimony of our soldiers while erecting fence on Pak-Afghan border We are hopeful that Pak-Afghan border will be able to overcome any situation. If the violence in Afghanistan escalates, the refugees can come to Pakistan. The United States has spent a lot of money on training the Afghan army. We are very clear, we will not allow our territory to be used against anyone. We have raised issues related to cross-border attacks with the Afghan government, as we have arranged on the other side.

DG ISPR further said that if there is a civil war in Afghanistan, no one will benefit, all factions in Afghanistan are also fed up with the war. Everyone knows that ISIS, TTP are present in Afghanistan.

India Trying to tell the world that Pakistan is the cause of Afghanistan’s problems, the world knows that Pakistan has worked hard for the Afghan peace process, India is not getting any attention on its propaganda.

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