Pakistan likely to face acute gas shortage

Lahore, 23rd September: People in Pakistan are likely to suffer an acute shortage of gas this winter.

Baaghi TV: The Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) has warned the consumers of the huge shortage of gas in the country.

SNGPL said consumers will only be provided gas for cooking purposes as the gap between demand and supply of gas is likely to reach 500 million cubic feet per day.

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SNGPL officials also warned about the closure of gas supply for industries, saying they will remain suspended in winter.

An anonymous official from SNGPL informed the Express Tribune, “Consumers are going to witness an energy crisis in cold weather due to depleting production of natural gas and domestic consumers (of the SNGPL) will only be provided gas for cooking purposes”.

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Prime Minister Imran Khan urged the relevant stakeholders to build a national consensus to move out of a gas crisis, which emerged due to depleting indigenous gas reserves.

According to the Express Tribune, the premier also said that the people would have to bear the burden of the import costs of gas and that this import would also result in an increase of circular debt in the energy sector.

“Only 27pc of households have access to piped gas whilst the remaining rely on the Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) cylinders, which are four times more expensive than piped gas,” he had said.

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